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1st IVF - Nearing end of 2WW Print Version

RhondaL 09-03-05 09:37 AM

1st IVF - Nearing end of 2WW
Hi everyone,
This is my first time joining a board. Last week I did my first IVF transfer and will find out next week if it is successful. They transferred two embryos that were each 10 cells, so we are hopeful but still anxious. It has definitely been helpful to read each of your experiences and to remember that we are not the only ones going through this type of struggle.
Best of luck to each of you... Rhonda

JessH 09-03-05 11:49 AM


Hi, it is so nice to meet you . how is the 2ww going? do you have a lot of projects and movies to watch. So why are you doing IVF?

Hang in there it goes by fast.

CheekyMonkey26 09-03-05 01:26 PM


Good luck!! :shamrock: I hope you get your :bfp:!!

lkeim 09-03-05 02:11 PM

Good luck Rhonda. 10 cells is great! Let us know if you need help getting through the 2ww. My first transfer I did a home pregnancy test (hpt) like 5 times and got negs all the time so the second time I didn't do them. They can drive you crazy and make you really sad because they usually don't show a positive until the morning of your beta test. I cried and was a total B! everytime I took one. Just my advice. Hang in there, it goes faster than you think. Big boobs are a really good sign. Are you doing injections? Leslie

RhondaL 09-03-05 03:52 PM

Thanks for your responses. The reason we are doing IVF is that we tried IUI 3 times unsuccessfully and had several months before that on Clomid then Femara. I am keeping busy but can't help thinking about the outcome of the pregnancy test, which I go in for on Tuesday. I did injections (puregon) and had 13 eggs retrieved, from which we got 7 embryos. I am just trying to keep a positive attitude but definitely have my ups and downs. Today is my first time reading these boards and joining them, and it has been really helpful to read of others going through similar experiences (bloating, cramping, etc.). I have held out on doing a home preg test because I know that they will likely be unreliable at this stage and I really don't need anything adding to the emotional rollercoaster.

When do you go back for your preg tests?