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jjello 09-10-05 04:50 PM

Ovarian Cysts/Drug Trial
I went to see Dr. Alper in Scarborough yesterday, and you were right Missy he was really nice and I liked him alot.

The news was neither good nor bad. All my bloodwork was normal. He asked me to have another ultrasound on the second day of AF - if the cysts are smaller or gone then they're just functional cysts and I can go ahead with IVF immediately. If they are the same size then I'll need to do something about them before doing a cycle, because with all those extra follicles in there, the cysts could press against the ovary and cause problems. They could also be endometriosis and not cysts.....I can get all of this taken care of but the problem is that I will most likely miss the enrollment period of the drug trial, which probably means no IVF for me unless I win the lottery or another trial comes around. Sigh.

He asked me also to do an online orientation, learn to do the shots, etc. but I'm a little reluctant because if I go getting all excited and then am unable to be in the trial then I'm going to be devastated. And right now I'm actually doing OK.

The only really good news is that I can have the ultrasound up here and that my insurance will cover it because it's medically necessary.

I'm trying to be very unlike myself and stay positive - no really! There's nothing I can really do except on Monday I am going to run, not walk, to an acupuncturist to see if I can get those buggers to go down! Otherwise all I can do is take it one day at a time, something I'm sure everyone on this board knows a lot about!!!

Afterwards I did treat myself to a bunch of girly stuff at Target - a fun sweater, sleek eyeshadow (which I hardly ever even wear!), some underwear. It helped, LOL!

Thanks for listening!

StacyLynn 09-10-05 04:55 PM

Hi jjello!

Good for you on the girlie stuff, I always feel better when I do that kind of thing too. I go to acupuncture too and love it. I really hope all of these things work out for you, ya never know, when all the stars line up right

Anyway, sending positive thoughts your way. :flower2:

Missy M 09-10-05 05:17 PM

jjello...stay positive! Hopefully those cysts will go down and you will be all set. Glad you liked Dr Alper...he's nice, and tells it like it is (which I liked). When is the deadline for the trial? Is your Af due soon? Get to that acupuncturist and see if they can do something to help. I always had cysts also and they went down for me everytime....good luck. Missy

lkeim 09-10-05 09:26 PM

jjello, I had fibroids, cysts, you name it growing around all over the place. My last u/s before IVF I had NONE! I can only attribute this to acupuncture because that's all I did different. Of course my Dr. didn't believe me and rolled his eyes but he couldn't really say why everything was all cleared up. Hmmmm.... Anyway, good luck, don't despair. It's pretty natural for those cysts to change each month. I bet you'll be fine for the trial. Leslie PS I didn't win any lottery and I'm pretty much begging for food but me & Dh found a way. You never know.... :)

Missy M 09-11-05 10:50 AM

As far as paying for IVF, we DID beg for money (atleast to our families). Money has been tight because of IVF and we used our credit cards ALOT more than we should have, but in the end, we didn't want to have any regrets. We wanted to make sure we did everything possible to try to get pg. Our insurance didn't cover a dime, but you know was totally worth it and I have no regrets :) Without it I wouldn't have these 2 miracles growing inside me right now :) Hopefully the trial will work for you and you won't have to worry so much about the money end of it. I did acupuncture also and I highly recommend works!!!!!!