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1st appt Oct 3rd at 12+ weeks Print Version

tichatte 09-13-05 11:46 AM

1st appt Oct 3rd
I attempted to schedule my 1st meeting w/ the OB, she will be on leave for 2 weeks so they said nothing is available until Oct 3rd. I said ok because I really want this particular doctor. Then when I was giving them my info and informed them that my pregnancy was from a FET, they said maybe we need to get you in a little sooner. They decided to ask the doctor, she came out and looked at my stomach and asked had I had a scan yet, I said no, she said get her in tomorrow. Yes, I am showing early, but it is most likely due to my swollen ovaries and my enlarged uterus that was dicovered during my annual. So today at 4pm I get my 1st scan, hopefully there is a healthy little growing bean in there.

JagsAli 09-13-05 01:05 PM

Good luck today at 4 pm and let us know how that little bean is. Will be thinking of you today.

lkeim 09-13-05 02:05 PM

Maybe there's more than just one little bean? :) Leslie GOOD LUCK!

Missy M 09-13-05 06:48 PM

Good luck today....I bet you have more than 1 in there :) I started showing immediately with twins. Let us know. Missy

jjello 09-13-05 10:31 PM

Hey Trisha, how'd it go?