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What restrictions were you given and for how long Print Version

tichatte 09-14-05 03:12 PM

What restrictions were you given and for how long
Due to being in Japan for my FET, and having the language barrier, I had no real communication w/my doctor, and I am curious as to the restrictions they give you and for how long. I am seeing a regular OB, and she is treating this like a regular "shake-in-bake" pregnancy. Hubby asked about restrictions, and she said " none", she said " Your wife could climb a mountain if she wanted to." When we got outside hubby was fuming :curses: , and told me if he caught me walking too fast he was going to get me :hmmm:. With all the blood,sweat and tears that go into these cycles, I'm thinking there should be some prcautions, if something should happen there's no trying again in a couple of months, I will have to work my butt off w/o taking leave for another year and try to raise $$$ and prep for another long trip for another try that's not even guaranted. So any little bits of info you guys can provide will be greatly appreciated. I could reseach (and will), but prefer 1st hand info.
Thanks in advance..

JagsAli 09-14-05 03:29 PM

Hey the only thing they told me was no heavy lifting, no hard working out, like running and stuff, but to just do lite walking if you are up to it, not to even do laundry or vacuum, and I am not sure how long that is suppose to last, but I have done laundry I just don't carry it. I don't know if that will help or not or if that is what you were looking for but I would say at least no heavy lifting and running. No call from the Dr. yet, starting to get is 3:30 and I think they close at 4:00, I hate the waiting game. Allison

jjello 09-14-05 03:38 PM

Hi Trisha,

I certainly can't give you any answers, LOL, but it's been something I've been wondering about too.

I have no idea if this is actually true, but I've read that once you're pregnant (from IVF) the risks are no greater than any "normal" pregnancy. I've even read that the effectiveness of bedrest after the transfer has never been clinically proven and that it is prescribed mostly for psychological reasons - ie, in case anything goes wrong you don't blame yourself. Then again, I think much of western medicine places too great of a divide between mind & body. So would I be resting after a transfer? You betcha! :-)

Here's a related question for you ladies: have any of you considered (or actually done so) using a midwife for the remainder of your pregnancy and delivery? It's something I think about. I'll bet it would be very strange to go from such a high-tech experience to a low-tech one. Not to mention all the relationships w/docs & nurses that have developed from all the years of TTC.

Missy M 09-14-05 04:17 PM

My doc says that now that I am pg, My pregnancy is not considered any differently than any other. He said that it does not have a higher risk because it was IVF. He did say no heavy lifting and no high impact sports but that moderate exercise is very good. I am still working and doing housework (I also don't carry the laundry up or downstairs the hubby does it). As far as a midwife....I am leary about that because of the twins. I have a good chance of having a c-section so therefore want to be in a hospital with a doctor :)

tichatte 09-14-05 04:43 PM

Thanks Ladies, you made me feel a little better.

JagsAli - your advice is great, that's exactly what I was looking for, I did not get any of that info. I am so glad you got the results, and still so very happy for you. Now we still wait for those ultrasounds, the waiting never ends.:)

jjello - I concur w/ your post, I didn't do bedrest this cycle due to being by myself in Japan and having to take care of so many things. I even took a 4mile walk the day after transfer. I was thinking the movement would get the blood moving in the nether regions :).
I can't do the midwife, I don't think they have them listed as an option on the military approved ob/gyn list, also I had preeclamsia last pregnancy and required a c-section, so I guess I am more on the side of technology. It would be great to have that option though.
I know what you mean about strange though, all the drugs and technology to get pregnant, then going back to the basics, that would be sort of neat.
How are you doing?

Missy, thanks for your advice, that's the info I am looking for. I am an instructor and required
to teach physical conditioning in conjuction w/ the academics (weight lifting, pushups, 31/2 mile runs twice a week and just wondering how much should I be putting into these activities.
I guess I will be a little less afraid and cautious once I am out of the 1st tri.

Thanks guys for providing such great info. You guys are great. :ghug: