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Back like a bad penny! Print Version

:domesticgoddess: 09-20-05 01:26 PM

Back like a bad penny!
Just wanted to say hello, ladies. I am going to help out Modding here for awhile! This was the first board I ever posted on back when I was TTC and it's a special place for me. I have always been hanging around anyway, so why not Mod for awhile!? Anyone want to help? ;)

AMomInLove 09-20-05 01:31 PM

Gee thought maybe you were gonna give DI a go again for a sec there Tracy! :wow:

Hey just a side note but I thought there were no new mods being accepted right now? :hscratch:

Eskie 09-20-05 07:56 PM

Your post had me wondering also


Glad you are back

TNBabyRN 09-21-05 10:13 PM

Awesome!! Glad to see you back - especially with me ttc #2!!!

smking17 09-22-05 11:47 AM

Wow - I thought the same thing! Welcome back!