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BOBmagnet 09-22-05 12:33 AM

Back after Break
Hi everyone! I'm not sure how many of you remember me, but I have been gone for about 8-9 months on a break. DH & I were preparing for a cross-country move & decided to wait until we got to California where there is much better medical care than where we were living.

I just saw a new RE last week & she is being VERY proactive...FINALLY!!! When she heard we'd been ttc for 3 years, including 4 unmedicated DIUIs, she said she wants to run the full round of tests on me and then go from there. This is something I'd been trying to get my dr. in Indiana to do, but he seemed to think that if we knew DH had a problem, there was no need to check anything further. So, I had 11, yes, 11 tubes of blood drawn on CD3. California requires a whole bunch of tests for STDs before you are allowed to to fertility treatments. I have an HSG (my first ever) scheduled for this Friday (CD10). Once the results from all of those tests come back, she said we'll go ahead and try clomid and DIUI for the first cycle.

I'm excited to be back into the swing of things & excited to be back with all of you ladies!! I see that several of the regulars have now graduated to the pg boards! Very exciting!!

TSLeer 09-22-05 11:23 AM

:wave: Welcome back! Sounds like a great doctor.

I also recently changed doctors and have my first DIUI with him coming up any day now.

TrishL 09-22-05 01:57 PM

:lurking: Wow, she sounds excellent! I'm glad you are going to her now. Personally I'd prefer a RE like that who leaves no stones unturned.

Lots of :hugs: for the blood draws - they are not much fun.

TNBabyRN 09-22-05 02:09 PM

Welcome back! Hopefully this will give you some answers. Every cycle gets you closer and closer to your baby. Good luck to you!.

heiding 09-22-05 07:24 PM

:wave: GOOD LUCK !!!