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JagsAli 10-21-05 10:55 AM

1st OB visit
Hey ladies-
Hope everyone is doing well, especially you Leslie w/ your possessed room :spider: and drunk nurse...yikes!!! I guess it keeps it intersting!:wow:
1st OB visit was good execpt for I have gained at least 10 lbs!! since I started this whole thing it maybe closer to 14 but I am trying make myself feel better by saying 10. I just had to know this time, I probably won't look after this, can't stand to know. But my appetite is ferousious!!!!! Anyhow, after all the blood work, urine test and meeting w/ the nurse got to see the dr. He said after the exam that he wanted to check for heartbeat, I got excited, but he says that we may not hear anything and to not get discouraged. OK. So after 5 minutes w/ the dobbler, he goes you hear that? I said yeah, he said that is your pulse....darn! He said the baby's h/b will be twice that. He kept moving it around then finally he stopped and said tick, tick, tick, you hear that? I said yes, he said that is your baby, I cried...still crying. It seems more real now to me. I go in 2 weeks to have a new u/s done, it is for Advanced Maternal Aged women in their 1st trimester to check for Downs. So I go on 11/3/05 for that test. This is not necessaily a high risk u/s just for women would be interesting in knowing it is 91% accurate and is elective....I want to know. Then I go back to the OB every 4 weeks. Then at 17-18 weeks will go back for another u/s. So I guess it is moving right along. I am 10 weeks today, hard to believe. What a process, I feel like I have been pg for 8 mths already...:nod2: But other than that if felt strange going to the OB I really miss the IVF nurses and drs., it is hard to let go. But I thank you all for you help, prayers and concern. It is a long road, but it is really worth it in the end. Thank you all. Take care.

Missy M 10-21-05 01:10 PM

Allison, that is such wonderful news that you got to hear the heartbeat. Your OB will probably do that with you on every visit from now on (I love that part). I can't believe you are already 10 weeks.....the time goes by fast. I had the same u/s that you were talking about (the elective one). I definately wanted to have it. Everything looked good with it and I'm sure you will do great as well. I had some good news today also, I got back my results from my bloodwork checking for neural defects and it came back negative. Yeah, healthy babies :) Is the 3rd your next u/s? You will be amazed how much your baby will actually look like a baby at that point...the changes are amazing. Glad everything is going well for you. Missy

JagsAli 10-21-05 02:16 PM

Thanks Missy-That is AWESOME news, now maybe you can relax and enjoy the rest of your prenancy!! That is great news. Did you confirm the other is a girl? I know you weren't 100% sure. Yeah that elective u/s is the 3rd I can't wait. So is that one vaginal too? Did you know that day what the results were? sorry for all the questions. Yes I loved hearing the h/b it is still so surreal...but it was exciting, so they will do that everytime from now on, cool. So how are you feeling? How is the bladder? still on bedrest?
I know time is passing by too fast huh?
Well take care and have a great weekend. I will let you know how it goes on the 3rd.

lkeim 10-21-05 02:59 PM

Hi girls. I love you but time is not going fast AT ALL! I sit here and look at the clock tick sometimes. I'm not IN the bad luck room and they'll have to knock me out to get me to move in there. It's really bizare. The girl in there now peed her bed yesterday. There is no call for that. I'm telling you it turns people whacko! Missy, that's is great news. I'm wondering about the sex of your other bean too. Allison, your appt. sounded great! I get to hear heartbeat four times a day now and have to say when they wake you in the middle of the night it's a tad bit annoying. I like to hear the kicks better, it's so cute. 10 weeks! Wow, I guess your pregnancy is going by fast for me. My next u/s is on Halloween. How fun! It's funny when your baby is bigger than the u/s pictures. It's hard to imagine how big they are when they're about two inches on the picture. Everyone take care. Leslie

Missy M 10-21-05 08:27 PM

I have to agree with Leslie about the isn't going fast enough for me either. I go for an u/s on monday so I should get a positive I.D. on my second little peanut. Although in my mind, she's a girl! Bladder is still sore (although not quite as bad as it was). The doc said it would probably hurt off and on throughout the pg. Allison, your next u/s will be an abdominal one. After approx. 12 weeks they switch over (much better). Leslie, why did the lady across the hall wet the bed? That's a bit odd! I hope the gobblins don't come over and make you pee :snap: Have a great weekend everyone. Missy