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12DPO and Neg..maybe Print Version

asocprof 11-19-05 07:38 PM

12DPO and Neg..maybe
Hello all. Here is an update...I did not have a cyst. No idea why my bb's were so sore. AF arrived and my day 3's were good. I am on my 3rd IUI in 6 mths. I have to take a break between each try as my day 3 estrogen has been high the month after a try. So I try, then I break, I try, then break. So I am 12dpo and got a VERY faint line on a CVS brand after 20 minutes. The directions say not to read after 10 mins saying that any results after 10mins are invalid. I also used a dollar store test and got an even fainter imaginary line after 20 mins as well. I am not even sure was there as it seemed to disappear after an hour or so. I am tired, am having some pre period aches along with lower back ache for the past 4-5 days, and bb's are barely tender. I am on progesterone.

Does anyone know if CVS brands are subject to early evap lines? The old CVS tests that I used when conceiving Seth NEVER got an evap line. But I have used two different types of CVS brands both "remade" from the old ones and have gotten faint lines and no pg.

What kind of test do you all like? Oh, and how long post implantation does it take for the HCG to show up in urine?

I will keep 13 :xfingers: :xfingers:


AMomInLove 11-20-05 01:44 PM

I would be very leery of ANY lines read after the test limits!!! They are NOT always accurate...

Test again every morning till AF shows...:luck:

:domesticgoddess: 11-21-05 03:08 AM

:dancing: That's enough for me to begin the dance of joy!!!!!!!! I loved the First Response Early tests - they now test as early as 5 days before AF is due! I *think* that it takes a good 3-5 days after implantation before even the earliest test might pick something up. TEST again with FMU and let us know! This is SOOOO exciting!!! :pray:

asocprof 11-21-05 10:54 PM


Ok, enough ranting...all tests point negative. Am moving on...


AMomInLove 11-21-05 11:08 PM

:hugsad: Never heard of that brand..must be a US thing...