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Leslie, you're too quiet.... Print Version

bonnie 11-30-05 04:28 PM

Leslie, you're too quiet....
Leslie, Just wondering if all is okay...I usually see several posts a day from you and it seems really quiet....

StacyLynn 11-30-05 05:08 PM

I thought the same thing this morning...I didn't remember her posting at all yesterday. But I think todays post said she's trying to lay flat and keep warm? Hoping everything is okay from me too.

jjello 11-30-05 07:53 PM

DITTO! Leslie, Leslie, where are you??

lkeim 11-30-05 09:48 PM

I'm still here. I'm suppose to be laying flat. No more showers or wheelchair rides. I can still go potty but that's it. So if you don't hear from me don't worry. I'm not suppose to sit at my computer. I can lay down and read the posts but I have to sit up to type. I promise the minute something happens I'll e you all. My cervix is paper thin and hanging on by the stitch. I'm feeling lots of pressure so have to stay flat. Good luck everyone. I'm thinking of you all and reading all your posts. :) Keep smiling. Leslie

Missy M 11-30-05 09:52 PM

We will be saying prayers for you and your little girl. Take care of the 2 of you and do what those doctors tell you to. We want you to hang on as long as you can. Thinking of you....Missy