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Premenstrual Cramp my #$&)&)!!! Print Version

lkeim 12-19-05 10:37 PM

Premenstrual Cramp my #$&)&)!!!
So ladies I had my first contraction yesterday. Well the first one I could feel and it felt NOTHIng like a lady day cramp. It felt like a really bad calf cramp in my belly. You can't move, you can't breath, you can't do anything. I was really surprised it hurt so much. I'm really wondering about the deep breathing techniques. I thought I'd just scream. It went away and I didn't have any more since but thought you should know. Yikes! Leslie

JagsAli 12-20-05 08:57 AM

OMG, that bad???? so what does this mean do you have to monitor the contractions now? is this the start or labor? what did the dr. say? how long did it last? sorry for all the questions, just curious...and nervous too about the unknown. How are you feeling?? Any other signs of labor? If you can write back let us know how things are w/ you....Allison

jjello 12-20-05 08:58 AM

Leslie that sounds positively horrible! (and not anything like what I imagined either). So what will happen now? You already know you'll be having a C-section, right? So when will they decide when the time is right? What if it's on Christmas!?!? Hang in there chiquita!


spunkie1976 12-20-05 09:17 AM

Leslie.....having been through labor....... no it's not fun......and deep breathing.......FORGET IT. Sorry that you are going through them, but remember the outcome :hug: You REALLY do forget all about it when you are holding your baby

StacyLynn 12-20-05 11:51 AM

Oh Leslie, I'm sorry it was so bad. I'm curious about all the questions Ali asked. Will the wait till you have full blown contractions before doing the c-section? I hope not. Thinking of you all the way up there in Alaska! and praying for a smooth unpainful delivery...but not too soon.