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Your input needed guys! Print Version

rsmit02 01-05-06 12:56 PM

Your input needed guys!
Hi all,

Well not sure what to think of today the bloods were low at 0.325 (other clinics measure different so the converson is 325) I had 5 follies on each ovary,
LEFT SIDE: 10mm, 10mm, 8mm, 8mm, 6mm
RIGHT SIDE: 9mm, 8mm, 8mm, 6mm, 5mm

They have left me on 300 of the puregon and I go back Sunday for more bloods and scan my egg recovery is now estimated later next week.

What do you guys think on how I am doing I have not had IVF before but my clinic are talking about the cancellation discussion if things dont pick up. I have been on Bruselin 18 days for down regulation and then bruselin and puregon 8 days.

Any input is much appreciated!


TNBabyRN 01-05-06 01:31 PM

I wish I knew something about IVF and could give you my 2 cents, but I don't. I just wanted to say good luck and I hope they don't cancel the cycle now on you!


AMomInLove 01-07-06 04:53 PM

The follies are definitely still very small but you may simply be a "late bloomer" as I always was! Best indicator is to see how things are at your next check and as long as they continue to grow you should be fine! :xfingers:

SnowboardingMommy 01-07-06 06:16 PM

They need to give you a few more days and the HCG trigger will also help them grow another few mm's and mature them. They all look pretty even and I bet at your retrieval you will get some nice eggies!! Hang in there and I"m :xfingers: for you!

Snow_Mamma 01-07-06 06:21 PM

I've no idea about ivf at all, but I think that if you are a late bloomer like one of the previous posts says, then that might be the key. I wouldn't cancle at this point, but that's just me. I think what you're doing takes a lot of patience and courage. I truly :pray: that this works for you.