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"Hairy" Question Print Version

jjello 01-14-06 10:39 AM

"Hairy" Question
This may be totally in my overactive imagination, but did anyone notice a decrease in their rate of hair growth during a cycle? It just seems like I haven't needed to shave my legs as often during the past month or so, and there seems to be less hair on my legs too. I haven't noticed any difference on my head, LOL.

I've never heard anything mentioned about this, and it could just be that I've been so focused on everything else that I haven't been paying attention, but I just thought I'd ask you gals.....


bonnie 01-14-06 11:41 AM

I never noticed any difference...but I'd be happy if I didn't have to shave my legs as often!!!

JagsAli 01-15-06 02:20 PM

I never noticed a difference either, but hooray for you. I hate shaving my legs.

Celia_M 01-16-06 08:57 AM

I could've sworn I foynd the same thing! Although part of my pre appt routine was to shave my legs and paint my toes so I don't think I shaved any less :bag:

Missy M 01-16-06 10:14 AM

Celia, that is so funny that you shaved before all your doc. appointments, because I do the same thing. I hate the fact that I can't touch up my bikini area also (but I just can't even see it). As hard as it is, I've tried to start shaving the legs a little more often in case I deliver early (don't want to be caught by surprise). I don't think I could do the toes though because I really can't reach them...maybe I could get dh to do them for me :)