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IUI TIming HELP ASAP Print Version

2ndDImom 01-25-06 02:19 PM

It has been 2 1/2 yearss since I have been on the boards(I recognize some other oldies) I am trying for baby number 2 and need help with the timing thing again. Briefly cycles like clock work usually...on clomid day 5-9. I finally got a surge today at noon. I hate to wait until tomorrow to do the first IUI. So I was thinking going in this afternoon then late afternoon tomorrow. My thought was to do a trigger shot today also. However, nurses are putting up a stink about doing an insemination today.

What do you think for timing. Is first thing tomorrow morning to soon at 20 hours? When would you do the next IUI the next morning would put it at about 44 hours past +opk. Did I mention how much I hate this timing thing.

Hopefully someone is one line for a little help.

Thank you in advance


glinda 01-25-06 02:42 PM

I think if you just picked up the surge at noon today, it would be a waste of sperm and money to do an IUI this afternoon. If you just surged then you will not be ovulating in a couple of hours. If you trigger tonight, I'd say do the IUIs tomorrow afternoon and the following morning.

Good Luck :xfingers:

:domesticgoddess: 01-25-06 03:09 PM

I think 20 hours post trigger is too early and 40+ hours is way too long. If you want to do an IUI this month, I would go with the 20 hours rather than the 40 though. ;) Hope that helps?

2ndDImom 01-25-06 03:22 PM

Thanks for the quick responses.

What do you think if I don't do the trigger shot?

What then for timing. Do you usually trigger the day of the surge? or can you do this the following day?


glinda 01-25-06 03:46 PM

You don't have to do the trigger shot. Some drs feel that clomid users need the trigger shot. I ovulated without the trigger shot when I did clomid. Typically, ovulation will occur around 36 hours after you surge. I am an early ovulator. I never did IUIs past 34 hours. On the other hand, my IVF clinic did IUIs at 40 hours past trigger. They said they had success with this. It wouldn't have worked for me though.

If you're going to trigger then do it today, not tomorrow. It helps the egg go through the final phase of maturation.