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1more ?of OPK/IUI Timing Print Version

2ndDImom 01-26-06 10:13 AM

1more ?of OPK/IUI Timing
Ok my last question(yesterday) I thought I got a +opk at around noon, I used two different kind of looked pretty close the other ?able. When I tested at 6pm it was VERY much a + no question about it.

Here is the question...would you go in for the insemination based on the questionable + or more towards the time of a very +. My choice of appt. times is 1pm today or 4:30pm today. I know it might be spliting hairs not much time difference, but I am so stressing about this.

I have another insemination tomorrow at 8am( I did a ICI at home last night at 7pm) Probably wasting semen, but I turned 43 end of last year and I don't want to drag this out to long

THank ladies for the advice.


:domesticgoddess: 01-26-06 05:48 PM

I would go with the definite + opk. I don't think you're wasting semen at all. Use that stuff and get a :BFP: :xfingers:

AMomInLove 01-27-06 11:30 PM

Sounds like you started surging early-mid afternoon for sure...

Hoping it went well! :xfingers: