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for those of you who've done monitored cycles Print Version

3Princes 01-30-06 03:31 PM

for those of you who've done monitored cycles
I am not a DI person, but just doing a cycle where I'm monitored with b/w and u/s and taking metformin. Question is, I'm on CD 6 and had an u/s today, and the dr. doesn't want to see me again until day 20 for another u/s and some b/w. Do you think that's kind of late? She said day 16 before, and now it's moved to day 20 for some reason. Any idea why she'd wait till so late in my cycle?

AMomInLove 01-30-06 09:18 PM

I also have severe PCOD and was a very late ovulator...I never would have had an u/s before cd12-14 and that was my starting one...we went every day after that for b/w and u/s though until my IUI...most of my cycles were cancelled month after month though cause I never produced anything! :(

It makes complete sense if you know your cycles and do not ovulate early definitely late for anyone who ovulates earlier are your cycles?

3Princes 01-30-06 10:07 PM

well.. now that I think about it, it's really hard to say. On my temp charts wayyyy back before I got pg with Josh and was just temping, I o'ed around day 18-20, and had a LP of 9-10 days which was too short by my REs account. Since then, I've always been on clomid, or on injectible meds, so it's really hard to say what I'd do on just the metformin (glucophage).
Usually she does a "baseline" on CD3, but since I'm only doing the met right now, she said waiting till today (CD6) would be fine. I'm just wondering if she didn't realize this wasn't CD3, or if it's normal to have an ultrasound so late.
I took a round of provera, and it didn't work to bring on AF, but I got AF the day after finishing the second round, which is leading her to believe I ovulated recently, and further leading her to believe i might ovulate again on my own, just with the metformin.

:domesticgoddess: 01-31-06 03:25 AM

That seems REALLY late, even on Met. I would call the doctor's office and double check that with a nurse. I usually O around CD16-18 and CD20 would be really too late for anything unless she just wants to see your ovaries AFTER O... ? :huh:

~babydoll~ 01-31-06 07:23 AM

:lurk: Even if you are a late ovulator, day 20 could be too late to do anything if she's only getting a second look then, unless this is only a test cycle (were you planning to try this month?). Just for your own peace of mind, check it out.