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To do IUI or not this cycle Print Version

2ndDImom 02-21-06 02:14 PM

To do IUI or not this cycle
I am just to new to this monitoring. So I usually ovulate on my own. I did clomid and on cycle day 13 I have a 28mm follicle/cyst, 1@ 14, 2@ 11, 1@ 9 and some smaller ones. NP was ready to ditch the cycle but upon checking E2 which came back at 734 said we should go ahead.

I did get a + opk this am so do I let myself "O" naturally, do a trigger shot this pm or skip it. The measure ments of follicles seem pretty small and the one seems way to big. Is the estradiol number a better gage?


:domesticgoddess: 02-21-06 03:55 PM

I wouldn't bother with a trigger since you got a + opk. The trigger might just stimulate more growth of the follie, making it too mature. Good luck to you! I would definitely do an IUI or an ICI today! :)

2ndDImom 02-21-06 10:25 PM

Thanks for the reply...I am going ahead with the cycle and will let you know.


heiding 02-21-06 11:06 PM

Good luck :xfingers:

AMomInLove 02-22-06 06:51 PM