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using OPKs for IUI timing Print Version

3Princes 03-27-06 11:29 PM

using OPKs for IUI timing
I hope you don't mind if I lurk over here to ask a question....

I am in the process of doing OPKs for an IUI. However, the way it works is you're supposed to use your second urine specimen of the day. I'm concerned -- what if my surge begins in the evening, and I don't get the + until the next morning? They will schedule the IUI for the following day (almost 2 days after my surge began), which would most certainly be too late, right?

When you are using OPKs how do you do it for timing for your IUI?

AMomInLove 03-28-06 08:42 AM

You should use urine samples from lunchtime-afternoon as LH is only synthesized in your body in the morning..the first line you see would most lkely be lighter than the control line and NOT indicate need to see a SAME OR DARKER line ..then ovulation is most likely to occur within 48 hours..we always did IUI's 24 hours post HCG trigger...24-36 horus after you see 2 equal lines is best!