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cramping after IUI? Print Version

3Princes 04-02-06 08:12 PM

cramping after IUI?
:lurk: With yet another question...

Did you experience any cramping after your IUI? If so, for how long? I had my IUI on Friday morning, and I'm still getting some cramping. It's not as bad as it was on Friday, but still there.

~babydoll~ 04-02-06 08:50 PM

:lurk: Yes, cramping is normal because the procedure is a minor trauma to the cervix. I sometimes had cramps 2-3 days later.
Good luck! :shamrock:

AMomInLove 04-03-06 12:40 PM

ALWAYS - it is completely normal...:xfingers:

:domesticgoddess: 04-03-06 01:16 PM

Yep! Me too - light cramping, but cramping each time. Good luck to you!!!! :bd2:

Spencersmom 04-04-06 11:40 AM

:ythat: Same as all gals above, usually lasting a few days