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Dh sperm results back! Print Version

rsmit02 04-11-06 02:07 PM

Dh sperm results back!
Well OMG,

Got dhs SA results back and................................................

18.4 million count
16% Motile
8% normal morphology

There was more to the detail but I forget basically PLENTY for ICSI. :skip:

We are very happy they want us to go again in 2 weeks for dh to give another sample to freeze in case on day of egg retrieval count isnt so good so thats great.

I really hope it is ok that I updated here I feel this my home still even though I really belong on the IVF board and am posting there.


~babydoll~ 04-11-06 02:32 PM

:lurk: Excellent news! :luck:

AMomInLove 04-13-06 06:48 PM

WOW - no need for a donor there!!! :clap:

Spencersmom 04-14-06 08:55 AM

:wow: :dancing: That is awesome news ruth, all the best and :xfingers: for you and DH!!!!