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MariahsMommy 05-28-06 06:56 PM

AF showed up

Moving on to next month

I think tonight I may have a drink or two and veg out. Maybe rent a movie or something. My heart sank at first but then I figured next month should be a shorter cycle and won't be such a long wait.
And now that I know what I am doing, I won't feel so lost in this whol insemination thing.
Plus I can get back to eating right and lose some more weight, seeing as I have been a bottomless pit for the last 2.5 weeks. Emotional eater perhaps? :couch:

starsnstraps3 05-28-06 07:31 PM



~babydoll~ 05-28-06 11:10 PM

:( So sorry for the disappointment.

:domesticgoddess: 05-29-06 01:22 AM

:( sorry that the :witch: showed up. Better luck next month! :bd2:

WestiesMA 05-29-06 02:30 AM

I'm so sorry Holly. I hope you hit it next time!