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MariahsMommy 07-05-06 05:35 PM

and still no +OPK. I have a speculum and have been checkin for CM. Its slightly EWCM, but more of the creamy (sorry if TMI) As for position and firmness, the position never changes IMO, and neither is the firmness. Who the heck knows what going on.

I have had annoying cramping this entire month, so am hoping the cyst is leaving and not getting bigger

lisalogan 07-05-06 05:50 PM

When ttc my daughter for two years I did opks, checked cm, etc. It never helped me and the only that finally worked was a Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. They are expensive but it helped me. I didn't O until cd 18-21. Good luck!

MariahsMommy 07-05-06 06:57 PM

I may have to invest in one. Thank you

glinda 07-05-06 07:19 PM

Holly, you don't need a speculum to check for CM. You'll know when it's EWCM. I'll be graphic. Your underwear will feel wet. You will also be able to stretch it between your fingers. You won't have to go searching for it with a speculum and flashlight. It will make its presence known.

Remember S-H-O-W for soft, high, open and wet. This is another way to tell that ovulation is approaching. Are you also temping?


I have had annoying cramping this entire month
Of course you have, dear. What more can you shove up there to investigate? ;)

MariahsMommy 07-05-06 08:14 PM

:lol: Glinda! Its not cooter cramping, its ovary cramping! As for checking my CM, I check it externally too. Everytime I wipe. Just check it enternally once a day. Moreso to see if my os is open more than the last time I checked, since I read in TCOYF that that is a good sign of fertility. I do better with sight than feel I guess :loser: