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StacyLynn 08-01-06 05:31 PM

Transfer Update
So after flip flopping a little bit we decided last night that we were going to transfer 3 and freeze 2, but then they tell me this morning that they had already done the assisted hatching on 4. (I was pi$$$$ed!) So then we decided to just go for it and put all 5 back. Here are the stats:

8 cell grade 2AB
8 cell grade 2AB
8 cell grade 3AB
8 cell grade 2B
7 cell grade 3B

Faith, help me out here. I know that 7 & 8 cell are good, but I don't know anything about the 2 or 3, AB stuff. I'm hoping it's okay, but shoot straight with me - you know I'm that kind of girl. ;)

Well back to the couch now. I did do acupuncture today and I'm feeling really good overall...thanks for listening!! Love ya guys! :gbounce:

Celia_M 08-01-06 06:07 PM

Sending you a whole Heap of really sticky vibes!! :bdust3: :bdust3: :bdust3: :bdust3: :bdust3: Those sound like some great embies!! :bighug:

bonnie 08-01-06 08:04 PM

Sometimes you have to let fate in on the decisions...your numbers look great-start in on the pasta and pineapple! Did you do accupuncture with your last transfer??? It does feel good-try to relax and let yourself be pampered:flowers2:

imagine 08-01-06 09:59 PM

That sounds good! I will keep you in my prayers!

glinda 08-02-06 02:32 PM

Never one to blow smoke up anyone's :moon: ..............that being said.............Stacy, your embryos are FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!!!

The grading refers to fragmentation. You really put back great looking embryos. Once again, my twins are the result of 5 or 6 celled embryos, Grade B.