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Injectables here I come Print Version

Saira 10-25-06 04:05 PM

Injectables here I come
My head is spinning right now. I was dealing with the fact AF came and we'd be starting our 5th cycle. I knew the doc would probably add injectables onto this next cycle, but i thought they'd be in addition to the Femera. Looks like he wants injectables all the way. I can't think anymore. I wasn't expecting this, and it makes me very nervous. I guess the good news is that this cycle my FSH is 9. That's the best it's been. Right now, I'm waiting to here from the pharmacy about my meds and insurance coverage. I feel sick. Ugh!

imagine 10-25-06 10:30 PM

that's good news! good luck this month!

:domesticgoddess: 10-26-06 11:12 AM


I hope this does the trick!

Spencersmom 10-26-06 11:26 AM

:hug: I know it is scary but the end result will be so worth it honey :xfingers:

AMomInLove 10-26-06 04:05 PM

Hoping it brings quick success for you!! :xfingers: