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AMomInLove 12-07-06 08:32 PM

I would contact the clinic directly and get your name on the list as lokking for extras in case any ever do come back...

:domesticgoddess: 12-08-06 03:35 AM

:ythat: Let the clinic know you are looking for more vials. Good luck!

pajamas 12-08-06 06:12 PM

I spoke with Fairfax today. The 'substandard' vials are not tested for Canada, and therefore cannot be sent here. The doctor is on vacation till Tuesday, so they have to wait for his return to see if they could do the Canadian tests on them. I didn't bother calling the clinic to see if they would combine the vials until I find out if I can even get them. The other option is to travel to the States for insemination, but not sure what's involved with that, and not sure where the closest clinic is. We have 2 vials at our clinic. We are considering doing ICSI if all this other stuff does not work out. I had no idea it would be this difficult. My DD is only 16 months old, I didn't think to order any more samples before now. I can't seem to get past "If only we'd bought more earlier...." but you can't turn back the clock.

Jules8 01-01-07 03:47 PM

Hi there!
I remember you...we were pg at the same time and I think our dd's are days apart. Glad to hear things are well! I haven't been here for a long time.

I used to call Fairfax regularly way back when to see if any sperm were returned, and was on a wait list. And, I ended up returning my unused vials after dd was born, so they do get returned some times.

Just trying to be optimistic, but maybe you could do injectibles and get preg w/ twins on your first or second IUI! Then you'd have 2 more siblings. :-) he he Stranger things have happened.

Good luck and hope all is well!

SnowboardingMommy 01-02-07 05:15 PM

Definitely call Fairfax to see if they have a list for this donor. I just sold 4 vials of my donors sperm to a woman who had been on the waiting list for years. I just happened to call Xytex and they just happened to have a list with her name on it. The woman called me, my clinic sent the sperm to her clinic, and she sent me a check. She has a DD from that donor and I felt GREAT knowing that I could help her out trying for a sib. Good luck!