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Fertility clinic Initial appointment questions... Print Version

kdbayes 01-18-07 03:35 PM

Fertility clinic Initial appointment questions...
I'm having my first appointment at the fertility clinic to discuss DI due to sever male factor infertility. What can I expect at this initial appointment? I'm sure all clinics will differ slightly, but should I expect another SA for them to confirm results? Will there be tests for me? I'm charting using BBT, should I bring my charts in with me? How long should I expect the appointment to take?
TIA for your help!

agunn 01-22-07 04:32 AM

i know for my first visit they did blood work on my dh and i and gave me consents to sign. they also gave me several websites of sperm banks that they use. the hardest part is choosing who the donor of your baby will be. VERY BIG decision i thought. one of the toughest i think i have ever made in my life so far.

good luck to you on your ttc w/ di journey!

kdbayes 01-23-07 02:19 PM

Thanks for sharing your personal experience with me. I expect lots of paperwork, forms to fill out, that sort of thing, but I was usure if any tests/bloodwork would be done at the initial appointment or if that would be at a follow up appointment. I've heard that my fertility clinc requires a session with a therapist/psychiatrist to make sure that DI is the right course of action for DH and I. Was this required for you as well?
DH and I are already starting to process all the things we'll be looking for in a donor, and it's somewhat overwhelming. Hair color, eye color, blood type, weight, build, height, everything seems to be important in selecting a donor, but I'm sure it won't be easy to find someone with everything we're looking for. I wonder how we'll ever choose!

:domesticgoddess: 02-23-07 02:22 PM

I just want to wish you luck!! :hug:

paganbaby 02-23-07 03:16 PM

:hug: just wanted to also wish you luck!!
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