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decided to wait until the fall Print Version

tracyann 02-13-07 09:40 PM

decided to wait until the fall
to start ttc again. Trying to heal all my parts before jumping back onto this wagon again. And I think trying again soon would just be too much.
So, I hope to see you all then, but I hope you're all on the due boards.
Luck to all.

ALICIAE 02-16-07 09:19 PM

Enjoy your break. I took a year off after my last cycle and it was nice to just be normal for a while.
Good luck when you are ready to try again.


paganbaby 02-17-07 03:49 PM


tichatte 02-17-07 10:13 PM

A break will get ur body ready for when u do decide 2 cycle, don't worry, when u suffer infertility, no matter when u do get that BFP, it's the right time, be it sooner or later. Wishing u the best, enjoy ur break.

Celia_M 02-21-07 06:33 PM

:bighug: Take care, and I hope you can enjoy your break.