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feeling better after surg. Print Version

jalove 02-25-07 07:08 PM

feeling better after surg.
:skip: I had my surgery, my tubes are now tied and my dr said my uterus looks great I shouldn't have any problems carry a baby. We have are conference appointment on March 21st I'm assuming this is when my dr will tell us when we can start the shots. Can anyone tell me when I start the shots what the time line is (if it work for us the first time) of when we could be prego. I'm confused with the hole shutting you off and turning you back on sinareo.


paganbaby 02-26-07 11:30 AM

Im not sure hon, but wanted to wish you :luck: :hug:

JudyG 02-27-07 11:11 AM

Well my recollection is that once you start your shots, in the belly or thigh, your on those for 2 weeks and then your retreival and then transfer 3 days later. Then if you are like me you are on your progesterone shots for up to 7 weeks. Some women may have to take the progesterone shots their whole 1st trimester. We get the honor of switching to a vaginal progesterone. Then it is your two week wait after your transfer till your pregnancy test, and you pray that all is good. It's not as bad as it sounds. It really passes fast. We did 3 IVF cycles two fresh and One frozen. Three times a charm for us. Keep thinking positive and all will be fine.:flower:

ALICIAE 02-28-07 07:13 PM

Hi Jalove, I am scheduled for egg retreival on Monday so the process is still fresh. My protocol was Birth Control pill for two weeks. Lupron injections for one week ( they go in the belly and are no big deal.) Week two I took the Lupron shots with the Repronox and Gonal F ( these drugs also go in the belly and make the eggs.) I take this set of meds for nine days. The next shot you have is HCG and then two days later they do egg retreival. You start the progesteron shots a few nights before transfer. The whole process goes pretty fast. if you have more questions or want a copy of my calendar send me an e-mail.Good luck with your cycle.Alicia