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IUI #4 Frustration Print Version

eds1999 02-26-07 04:49 PM

IUI #4 Frustration
Hi-I'm new here and just looking for a little support. Last summer my husband was diagnosed with genetic azoospermia. We made the tough decision to do DI and we've had no luck with the first three tries. It is SO hard. I am very healthy and have very regular cycles. We've been through so much, we thought that maybe this would come easily! Anyone out there in a similar situation?

agunn 02-28-07 04:15 AM

I know how you are feeling, but we did have success on IUI #2 and miscarried. We are now on IUI #2 again. I am in my TWW, hoping for the best. good luck to you and lots of baby dust.

agunn 02-28-07 04:20 AM

sorry i accidentally posted twice.

:domesticgoddess: 02-28-07 12:09 PM

First of all, WELCOME!!! :wave:

It can take awhile even with a healthy, fertile woman to get the timing right with IUIs and get pg. What was your protocol last cycle? Maybe something is just slightly off. We're here to help! :ghug:

paganbaby 02-28-07 12:32 PM

:welcome: i havent got any experience but wanted to wish you :luck:
:bd2: :bdust3: :bd2: