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ALICIAE 03-08-07 07:26 PM

transfer was today
Hi everyone, I had embryo transfer today. We only got two that made it to 8 cell blasto stage so that is what we put back. The rest are still cooking until Monday to see if any make it to the freezer but they said it did not look good. I was a little surprised because we got six to freeze last cycle. We are very hopeful that the third time is the charm. My pregnancy test is 3/21.

Thank you everyone for the support!


lkeim 03-08-07 08:34 PM

Great!! The 2ww will fly! Sending sticky wishes. Leslie

Celia_M 03-09-07 08:22 AM

Sending you lots of sticky vibes and hoping that your 2ww passes quickly for you! :xfingers: :bighug:

tichatte 03-11-07 04:56 PM

Take care of urself and make a comfy home for hte embies, wishin u the best, and lots of symptoms leading 2 a BFP.

dianelynn77 03-12-07 10:12 PM

try to relax during these 2 weeks, make a comfy home for the embies. good luck