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ALICIAE 03-14-07 05:29 PM

progesterone only 29
Hi girls, I am feeling a little anxious today. I got my progesterone levles and it was only 29. I was hoping for a higher level because I know from my past failed cycles that the higher the better. I am now feeling a little negative but the office said this does not really indicate anything.

Can anyone else tell me if they had a BFP with a progesterone level around 29? I am six days after transfer.

Thank you

Alicia ( I am a little crazy right now)

Celia_M 03-14-07 06:27 PM

Mine didn't get checked, so I don't have a clue what they should be etc sorry. But I am sending you a :bighug: and lots of sticky vibes!!
:bdust3: :bdust3: :bdust3:

lkeim 03-14-07 11:03 PM

Mine didn't either. Sounds like one more thing to make you crazy with. I'm sure you're FINE!!! Especially if they said not to worry. Hang in there!

Susan 03-14-07 11:05 PM

:bighug: good luck :hug:

lkeim 03-15-07 01:49 PM

upon looking up progesterone level charts..."Most doctors want to see a minimum of 10 ng/ml within the first few weeks of the pregnancy" Another website said 11-90 is normal for the first trimester. You're 29! That sounds good to me. You can't freak out about what happened before, this time is totally new and different!

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