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*Krista* 03-17-07 12:33 AM

Saying "HI"
My name is Krista and I use to post on here several years ago. I have a dd that is 3 1/2. I've been bringing up wanting to have another and dh was against it for a long time. But is warming up to the idea. He was looking over my shoulder as I searched for a new donor as ours in no longer in the program.

I have all the mixed emotions as I did the first time. We have new insurance, new dr's, everything. But I have a plan and I'm going to stick with it. Once I get in to see the new RE, I'm going to suggest what worked with dd.

So just wanting to say Hello to everyone. I can't remember my old screen name. But remember some of you from back then.

eds1999 03-18-07 11:43 AM

Hi there! Glad to hear you had success with your first! My DH and I have discussed a 2nd if we ever get this first one on the way! And it's been such an ordeal, I can only pray that he's game for another round (I want 2 or 3!) We cross our fingers that if we do have success, the donor will available for future attempts! Good luck to you with #2! :)

:domesticgoddess: 03-18-07 12:17 PM

How cool that you are going to be considering another! I hope that you have great luck and get pg easily!! :xfingers:

angelsofsc 04-17-07 03:23 AM

I remember you
I was a member from 2001 until 2004. I just rejoined to start the process over. Scary at 41, the cut off is 42. I have two fe that will be transferred in January (that is when my insurance changes). I live in another state now, used to be angelsofnc, now in charleston and will start a whole new fertility clinic, doc and have to have fembryo's transferred by courier. its scary. (i mean transferred to charleston by courier) lol