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Whoah!! Bad donor? Print Version

eds1999 04-04-07 09:45 AM

Whoah!! Bad donor?
Ok, so we went in for IUI #5 on Sunday 4-1. Last time, my doc was gone, so I saw someone else and we didn't get to discuss anything. BUT this time, when she called, she said she was frustrated this wasn't working because I was so "normal". She wanted to maybe take a look at my ovaries to look for follicles. Well, when I went in, I laid it all on the table. Reiterating all of my history and ovulation testing, etc. I go through her nurse most of the time, and I asked if she was aware that we had switched donors. She said no and I told her that I wanted a sperm quality comparison right away ( I should have done this awhile ago with the first donor!). She had made a note at IUI #3 that she had concerns with the sample, that it was within the acceptable range, but not the best. Our new sample was excellent. So now I'm kicking myself. I really hope this helps out. We've already spent so much money. And now I'm wondering if we should check my ovaries at all??

Should I make a stink to the doctor or sperm bank? Are they responsible for me not getting pg because of less than quality samples? Somehow I think this is my fault for not asking, but after all we've been though, I can honestly say that I just wasn't thinking about that-I was thinking 'Baby!!"

angelsofsc 04-17-07 03:19 AM

If you consistantly have low counts with donor, you may want to consider switching. One time fairfax had to refund my money due to low count

:domesticgoddess: 05-01-07 12:23 PM