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JudyG 04-23-07 12:04 PM

How did it go???? I hope all went well!! The Next two weeks will suck, but they will fly by. :babydust: Sticky vibes are coming to you!!!

JagsAli 04-23-07 12:16 PM

Yeah thinking about you, post when you can.

Celia_M 04-23-07 02:32 PM

Hoping it went smoothly and that the next two weeks fly by for you! Sending you lots of sticky vibes! :bighug:

jalove 04-25-07 08:10 PM

Things went smooth
Hi Everyone- My Transfer was on Saturday, everything went really well my DR was super please and has high hopes, they transferred two blastocysts. I'm feeling good! I have my pregnancy test next week. I hate this part more then anything. I keep going back and fourth to it work, it didn't work. Mind over madder BABY This part suck!!
Thanks for thinking of me!!


JudyG 04-26-07 09:28 AM

Just keep yourself busy. I did the same thing with my first cycle and my third. For some reason with my second I just knew it wasn't a go. But I did get preggers with bothe the first and third. But the third stuck. Hang in there. Keep us posted. When is your pregnancy test?