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eds1999 04-23-07 06:53 PM

Ultrasound scheduled
So what am I in for? I've had the procedure before, but now they're looking for "mature follicles". What the worst case scenario here? I know I have a uterus and ovaries and clear tubes. So whats worst news I could get and what will they do about it? Anyone with any experience? I imagine I'd be looking at clomid? I dont' want to get panicky here. But my mind does wander. Like, what if there aren't eggs? I have totally normal cycles and ovulations. Who knows at this point. I wouldn't be surprised by anything.

nisey79 04-23-07 07:38 PM

I just want to say good luck!

:domesticgoddess: 05-01-07 12:20 PM

Best of luck to you!! :xfingers: