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A PCO? What now? Need advice! Print Version

eds1999 04-27-07 05:33 PM

A PCO? What now? Need advice!
US results: Ok, so I have polycystic ovaries. No other symptoms whatsoever of PCOS. I had a mature follicle over 20 mm on the right side (normal dimensions). I have normal cycles and normal progesterone levels. What does this mean for my fertility? It's one thing after another. I've read that 20% of the normal, ovulatory female population has this. I do always get a positive OPK. So what now? Just a fluke?

Oh, and we have another decision to make. We've used the "good" sperm count donor now once. We'll be going in for DIUI#6 next month. Doc wants to continue with natural cycles since this is a new donor, but I want to go ahead with Clomid. Any advice

nisey79 04-27-07 07:09 PM

I have PCOS. Considering that you have regular cycles and everything I wouldn't worry about medication. I have irregular cycles along with a couple of other symptoms, therefore that is why I am on the clomid. I don't think your doctor will prescribe since you ovulate regularly.

eds1999 04-30-07 07:21 PM

She said she would...I just don't know. It's possible that I show a positive OPK, but don't actually ovulate and that's what I worry about. I wonder if meds would boost my odds of getting enough mature follicles out there. I really don't know what to do. There really isn't a negative to taking clomid and we've tried doing DIUI 5 times now! So frustrating!

nisey79 05-01-07 09:14 AM

Well I guess the best thing would be to go with whatever your dr. says! And I understand frustration!