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Glinda or any member of the sibling registry Print Version

TNBabyRN 05-16-07 10:07 AM

Glinda or any member of the sibling registry
Hi all - was just wondering if anyone who belongs to the donor sibling registry would mind posting a message over there for me. Baby #2 will be here on June 1st and our family is complete! I have 3 units of ICI ready donor # 0493 from Fairfax left. I just got the storage bill and don't need to store them anymore but hate to destroy them because there are none left on the website that are available. If anyone on that site is interested and would post an email or phone number for them I will contact them. I'm calling fairfax today too.


Update - Just as I thought - talked to Fairfax and they can't take them or contact anyone on the wait list since the vials have left their facility. They went from Fairfax directly to my RE's office where they are being stored. I hate to destroy them if someone is wanting a sibling!

:domesticgoddess: 05-16-07 12:10 PM

I hope you can find someone to help you. I agree that it's a shame to destroy the samples when there has to be someone out there who would love to have them!

glinda 05-18-07 03:05 PM

I didn't renew my membership on dsr. A bunch of us who used the same donor hooked up on dsr. We now have our own yahoo board.

I did check the listing for your donor. There are no current requests seeking vials. My suggestion is to contact the owner, Wendy, of dsr. Maybe she can contact the other parents who used the same donor to see if they are interested.

Jennimac 06-15-07 10:09 AM

I have a membership to the DSR. I'll look on there for you and see if anyone is looking for vials.

drmom2 01-07-08 01:24 PM

Sharing Vials
you can also post for free on the Donor Offspring Health website. You never know whether people are perusing there for vials. You can update health information after the baby is born! Donor Offspring Health dot com.