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anyone around?? Print Version

pajamas 06-01-07 12:45 PM

anyone around??
I'm Cathy and I posted here a couple of years ago. My dh and I have a DD who is 22 months old, and we've started the process again for #2. We had a roller coaster ride trying to get the same donor, but it finally worked out. The last time we tried a known donor for a year, all BFN, then 3 tries at IUI, was put on clomid and got pregnant the first month on that. No clomid this time, (different doctor). We've had one IUI (last month), BFN. Second try is tomorrow, which is my Mom's birthday, so that must increase my chances, don't you think?
Best of luck to all of you. I really appreciate the support from this site.

:domesticgoddess: 06-02-07 05:51 PM

Hi Cathy! :wave: I remember you! I really hope that your second IUI gives you :bfp:


Let us know how it goes!!! :xfingers:

pajamas 06-03-07 09:05 PM

Thanks for the welcome. It doesn't seem that there's anyone around. Does that mean there's been a lot of BFPs lateley?

eds1999 06-04-07 08:58 PM

Hey I'm here! I'm waiting to see if IUI #6 works. And this is my first on clomid! I'm using an unknown donor, but we recently switched to a new one (this is try #2). So, keep us posted, or um, me I guess, since I don't see anyone else around TTC w/DI :) BFPs are popping up everywhere :)

WestiesMA 06-07-07 02:06 PM

I still check in and pray for everyone here. I do not think another child is going to be possible for me; I just turned 41 and no longer menstruate without drugs, so I assume I am in menopause. This is very hard for me, as Matthew keeps asking about when the baby is coming to our family. The other day he asked me if I had a baby in my tummy yet and I told him I didn't think I could have any more babies in my tummy I was too old. Then he said can't we go to the store and get a baby there?

Good luck to everyone!