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eds1999 06-14-07 03:58 PM

Natural vs. medicated cycle
Just many of you doing frozen donor IUI's have been successful with natural cycles? medicated? With the timing issues we've had, I can't imagine it working naturally, since it won't seem to happen medicated.

So what's your experience w/drugs :) clomid? hcg? others? what seemed to do the trick, if you've been in this situation?

Im making the decision to tack on the hcg shot to the clomid. I hate taking drugs...i hope its worth it! Thanks for your input :)

pajamas 06-14-07 04:32 PM

We tried a known donor (fresh sperm) for a year with all BFNs. Then I had 3 cycles with frozen IUI, all BFNs, then got pregnant on the first month on clomid (low dosage). There supposedly is nothing wrong with me, so I'm not sure why I wasn't getting pregnant. I'm all for whatever it takes to have a baby. It's worth it in the end, even though the road there can be very frustrating. Good luck!

:domesticgoddess: 06-14-07 04:34 PM

Honestly, if you don't have any fertility issues, I believe that a natural cycle is better than a medicated one. The meds seem to really mess with not only timing, but uterus lining and egg quality. I REALLY recommend avoiding meds if you can and for timing questions, come here! You have to remember that your egg is only fertilizable for at the most 24 hours after it's been ruptured from the follicle. There are blood tests to help you pinpoint your ovulation (if you can't feel it happen as some of us can) and honestly that's a better way to spend your money than on meds IMO. Hope this helps! :hug:

pajamas 06-14-07 09:26 PM

Hi again, Erica! Just a side note - my RE in my home town put me on the clomid, and my RE at the clinic was not happy because I was not monitored more closely, and could've had multiples (which I didn't). TTC#2, age is starting to be a factor, as I will be 35 this year, and actually plan on a third child, but we'll cross that road when we (if) we get to it. I'm not sure how old you are, so that may not be an issue for you. My doctor at the clinic said we would discuss options if I wasn't pregnant after 3 attempts, but I think for my dd they said it should've been 6 tries. Not sure if any of this helps, but good luck with whatever you decide. Domestic Goddess (and a lot of others around here) know WAY more about the details than I do!!! They're very helpful!

eds1999 06-15-07 09:37 AM

I am 26. I am getting more confused by the day as to what I should be doing. I went into this DIUI thing thinking we'd just get pg because there wasn't anything wrong with me. Now I"m hearing about all these blood tests and RE's and trigger shots. I am a bit overwhelmed! We've had the prog test, the HSG and ultrasound. Now I feel like we may have to start at ground zero again and reevaluate!