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Ok more Q's about treatments Print Version

eds1999 06-15-07 09:51 AM

Ok more Q's about treatments
Wow-I ask for help and I got help! So many of you have been giving me advice on what to do and now I am pretty overwhelmed! If you read my last thread, you'll know that I already called the dr.

Are we starting back at day 1? I'm a little reluctant to go back and do all this bloodwork, (CD3, E2, etc) request monitoring. yada yada yada. I feel like that's taking several steps back. I've had lots of tests, nothing seems to be wrong except a slightly cystic ovary.

I don't want to get the impatient bug and spend all this money on stuff that doesn't matter/won't work and get myself all hopped up on hormones and drugs. What could they possibly discover by going back and doing all that other stuff that wouldn't have shown already?

I don't want to be naive, but i'm getting a lot of doubt. I really want to trust my doctor. She went through years and years of fertility treatments and has been there. She is very easy to talk to and I'd hate to leave her clinic.

glinda 06-18-07 02:12 PM

Going for b/w does not mean you are moving backwards. Each cycle has a cd1 and each cycle is different. Without monitoring, how do you know you are even ovulating? You say you have a cystic ovary. Are you aware that cysts are unruptured follicles? If your follicles are not rupturing then you have no eggs coming down your tubes. If I'm reading your post correctly and this is what is going on then you are wasting your money with each IUI. Your cd 3 b/w would tell you if you had cysts. You would have an elevated E2 level.

You say your dr went through years and years of fertility treatments. I went through years and years of fertility treatments and there is no way that your dr received the same treatment that she is giving you. HCG is a naturally occuring hormone. Being prescribed at a minimum a hcg trigger is not putting you on a full blown medicated cycle. It's the least medication you should be on. At least you'd be able to pinpoint the timing of your IUI.

Your dr may be looking at your age as a factor. You are young to be experiencing problems. However, problems can arise at any age. I think you should be seeing a RE which I believe your dr is not. If you want to stay with your dr then you may want to consider telling her you want to be more aggressive. It's money put to good use.