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pajamas 06-18-07 01:16 PM

confusing news - help
My RE's office just called. I had bloodwork today - 16 dpo. I got a very slight positive on my hpt this morning. I was told my number should be between 80 - 100, and mine is 13. Not good. She said something about chemical pregnancy, and I may have a 'late' period. I have bloodwork again on Wednesday, and they're looking for the number to go up, obviously. She said she has seen successful pregnancies with this number, but to be honest, not many, but we would know more on Wednesday. To say the least, I am extremely disappointed, but what is a chemical pregnancy? Is there fertilization and implantation? I don't really have symptoms. I've had cramping off and on for the last couple of days, when I thought I was starting AF, but so far nothing. It's very hard to be optimistic about this.

glinda 06-18-07 01:42 PM

Hi Cathy. I'm sorry you have to be faced with another waiting game. Hopefully, the wait will bring good news.

A chemical pg is basically an early m/c. If a woman wasn't trying to get pg, she probably wouldn't even be aware she was pg. It would just appear that AF was late. Aside from your beta, did you have other b/w done? Sometimes chem pgs are caused by luteal phase defects. I believe that was the cause of some of mine. My progesterone level (P4) was always in the toilet. Finally, I started taking high doses of progesterone supplements and was able to sustain a pg. It's important to know your P4 and E2 (estradiol levels). Low hormone levels can lead to a chem pg. It's also wise to have an u/s to confirm lining thickness. A thin lining cannot sustain a pg.

Just to let you know, there have been women on this board who had first betas lower than yours that went on to have babies. The important thing is that your beta doubles. I would also suggest the additional b/w, if you have not done so already.

Good Luck.

pajamas 06-18-07 04:57 PM

To be completely honest, I'm not sure what bloodwork I've had done. That's awful, I know. Before we started ttc #2, I had vials and vials taken. I think alot of them were for stds or something. I just assumed that since I was pregnant before, I wouldn't have any problems this time. My cycle is regular 27-29 days. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself all day tomorrow.

If it was a chemical pregnancy, when should I expect AF to arrive? I'm 16 dpo right now.