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pajamas 06-20-07 01:14 PM

My beta is down to 10, and AF started last night, heavier than usual. I asked the nurse if I needed any tests done, and she didn't think so since I'd already been pregnant, they didn't think there was anything wrong with me. I said that we'd tried on our own for a year, all bfns, the 3 IUIs, bfn, then the one month I was on clomid, I got pregnant with my DD. She said she would ask the dr. to look over my file again, but he would probably suggest we try for at least one more month, since this was only our second try. My concern is not that I wasn't getting pregnant, it's because I lost it, and would like to know if there's a reason why. They don't seem to be all that aggressive there. Maybe I'll know more once the dr looks at my file again. They're very French, and sometimes I feel like there's a language barrier, and I'm not getting my point across.

eds1999 06-20-07 04:48 PM

I am so sorry to hear the news! I hope you get the answers you're looking for. Don't give up-keep asking-that always works for me! Was this your first month w/clomid? They say it takes 4-6 mos to get working. Good luck w/ next round!

pajamas 06-20-07 05:28 PM

No clomid. They won't do meds until at least 3 tries. This was #2. I got pregnant with my daughter the first month I was on clomid last time. The RE's office called back. They said my earlier bloodwork before we started trying for #2 didn't show any abnormalities, so we're going to try again with no meds. I have to sit out a month to let my hormones get back to normal. So it looks like probably August. Waiting, waiting, waiting....

Saira 06-21-07 12:24 AM

I'm so sorrry. :hugsad: I can't imagine what your feeling, but you have my deepest sympathies. My SIL had several miscarrages, and they never seemed all that gung ho to find out the cause either. I'll never understand that. I wish you luck with your next cycle, and that the time flies swiftly until then. Take care of yourself.

:domesticgoddess: 06-21-07 12:24 PM

I'm really sorry. :hugsad: I would suggest they look at your progesterone levels after the next IUI just to be sure that they are sufficient.