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eds1999 06-29-07 02:59 PM

Move on to IVF??
I am an impatient person, but not impulsive. I can't believe that I'm at the point now of considering IVF. With no possible explaination of my IF, it just seems that IVF would be overkill. But with 7 IUI's behind me, it's hard not to start looking at other options. I am not looking forward to all the shots, u/s, constant trips..but we really really want to have a baby! So, I haven't said anything to DH yet, and we'll probably discuss it with dr. next time we go in for the IUI-see what she says. She's said all along to give it time, that it could take a year, but i've had a hard time finding anyone out there who took a whole year of IUI's to get a BFP!

ZaxMom 06-29-07 04:34 PM

Only you know if you are ready to move onto IVF, but I took 2 years and 10 IUI's before I had my daughter. I would have moved onto IVF's, but my insurance didn't cover it. I was on injectibles and had LOTS of u/s. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Mom to Zach (14) and Rylee (19 mos)

Saira 06-29-07 05:17 PM

Bear in mind, you've not been medicated all that time. And because of the donor issue (frozen) you're odds have been lower than the average couple TTC, who usually take up to a year.

IVF is expensive, and even more invasive than IUI's. I think your time $$ and sanity would all be better served by finding a clinic that can be more agressive. Even if it means you'll have to travel. Still, given your situation, I can see the appeal of IVF. Your odds are much greater, but there's no guarantee it will work the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd time.

But why are we even talking about IVF anyway? Your going to be preggers with me by the 4th right?:wink4:

WestiesMA 07-03-07 01:35 PM

It took me a year and 9 IUI's to get pregnant. I was finally successful on my last injectible cycle - I was about to give up.

If IVF is covered by your insurance, or you can afford it, then it does offer a better chance for success, especially if you respond well to meds.

eds1999 07-04-07 12:21 AM

Thanks for all the stories. Unfortunately, this cycle was another bust (see IUI 8 protocol at Secodary Infertility). Saira! I am so happy for you, but I won't be over in DIMarch! Maybe I'll come visit and then maybe you can visit me in DIApril

IVF won't be for me, as it is too expensive. i have conversed with a very reputable IVF clinic, and they said for donor sperm people, its a last resort unless problems with me (which we can't find as of yet) So on to #8... I don't think I could deal with all the IVF crap. I'll keep going with IUI's . I am so concerned with the #....8 seems like way to many and that it just SHOULD have happened. Like the lotto...never know when you're going to win it (if ever!!!)