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hmeisi 07-18-07 09:43 AM

Transfer was
Saturday . We transfered two great looking five day blast, we still had five growing to see if they will be able to freeze, we will find out next week. Our test is 7/26. I have been eating my pineapple and pasta and prayering that this one works!!!!!!!


Dopey406 07-18-07 09:57 AM

:xfingers: I hope it works, too! :pray:

Celia_M 07-18-07 12:14 PM

:luck: :xfingers: I hope this is your cycle! Sounds like it's gone great so far!

JagsAli 07-18-07 04:08 PM

Wow that sounds great, keep us posted!! eat that stuff for sure!!! Good luck!! can't wait to hear the good news!