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We made it! Print Version

eds1999 07-31-07 05:44 PM

We made it!
For those of you who haven't been lurking in the TWW board...DH and I got our very first BFP. While it is still very early and only parents know, we have been very silently celebrating. Now that it's finally happened, i think DH has gone back to thinking about the biological connections and whether or not we are going to have any more kids. I keep thinking, "Man! We just got going on this pg thing, and already this!" but I know we're doing things in a different way than most people and we're probably going to have these discussions about worries and fears. DH doesn't regret anything for a second, I just think he's scared (and it hasn't sunk in yet!)

So what were some of your experiences when you finally got pg with donor sperm? How did your partner react and how were things when the baby was born? I have a feeling that there is going to plenty of love to go around (from DH especially).

:domesticgoddess: 07-31-07 07:05 PM

The thing I remember most was that once I got the BFP my dh said, "I sure hope that I can love this child as much as the others." I remember being worried for a few days, but then lots of supportive friends on here told me not to worry. After my dd was born, my dh told me that he found it totally laughable that he had doubted. He adores her just as much as the others! Don't worry - this is all way more natural than you think and it will all work out beautifully. :hug: Congratulations!!