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why not try it frozen Print Version

jalove 08-29-07 09:55 PM

why not try it frozen
Hi Everyone-
I have bounced back and now we are starting are first frozen transfer. We have 9 Embryos on ice. It's BABY time, I hope:pray:


glinda 09-01-07 12:36 AM

My kids started out as totsicles ;) Frozen cycles are so much easier on your body.

Good Luck

lkeim 09-24-07 11:43 AM

I have a lovely totscicle too. How are you ladies? I've been missing everyone, just have been busy chasing a toddler. Good luck jlove!

Celia_M 09-24-07 07:18 PM

Just wanted to send some :luck: vibes to you. How's the cycle going? Sorry for not seeing this sooner! :hug:

bonnie 09-26-07 01:10 PM

My one year old is a totcycle as well! She is vey warm and cuddly now:wink4: Best of luck to you!!!