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It's IUI time! Print Version

eds1999 10-22-07 04:13 PM

It's IUI time!
I just wanted to see if this board was still being watched or what? Where is everyone??? PG i hope :) Well after the m/c we're doing another IUI in a couple weeks. We got success after 8, lets hope its LESS than that now....anyone out there actively trying with DIUI? Don't be afraid to say "hey"!

Saira 10-23-07 04:43 PM

Hi Erica,

Looks like I'm finally back in the game with you. I started my injectables 3 days ago. Hopefully we will both have a very good cycle. Best of luck to you.

eds1999 10-23-07 04:45 PM

Hey there you are!!! Glad to see you're back too :) Good luck Amy!

:domesticgoddess: 10-24-07 12:19 AM

I hope your IUI is successful and that you are reporting a :bfp: soon!!!!! :bighug:

pajamas 10-25-07 08:45 PM

Good luck, Erica!