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pajamas 10-25-07 09:33 AM

Try again
Hi ladies! I hope there's still someone around! My 3rd IUI didn't work - my timing is off with the opks, I think. Anyway, we will be starting clomid next week. When I was on it last time for one month, it was just taking the pills. This time I have to go for b/w and vaginal ultrasounds on cd 3 and 11, then a trigger shot (never done that), then the IUI. I am a little freaked out about having an ultrasound done while AF is here. I think it's a little gross. Has anyone else ever gone through that?

Jsimeone 10-25-07 12:12 PM

I have done the u/s with AF. It is so quick you dont even realize it. It will be find. The HCG shot is easy too. Usually the night before you do IUI.

eds1999 10-25-07 05:05 PM

I'm here! I've had the trigger shot too. I got pg on the 8TH TRY so it takes time for some. I had timing issues and didn't do meds until the 6th try! I am doing the shot but without clomid this next time, since I do ovulate and don't want the extra stimulation on the ovaries :)

pajamas 10-25-07 08:47 PM

I ovulate as well, should I not be doing the clomid? Why don't you want the extra stimulation?