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jalove 10-31-07 07:08 PM

Hi- My pregnancy test came back positive, but my Dr said my hcg levels are on the low side so I have to re-test tomorrow to see if my levels rising. My Dr also said since this was a frozen cycle we tend to get lower hcg level at first so this could just be the norm. I hope he is right.... has anyone had low level also and then they stared to progress? I just found out that two of my good friends are just pregnant too and this would put us all due around the same time. how fun would that be.


Celia_M 11-01-07 05:12 AM

Sending you lots and lots and lots of doubling hcg vibes!!! :bighug: :xfingers:

hmeisi 11-01-07 02:37 PM

Congrats, I hope everything goes well over the next couple of days. Stay positive!!!!

Mary-Ellen 11-02-07 11:41 AM

Congratulations on the positive!!! Sending good positive vibes that it doubles.
My pg was with a fresh transfer so I don't have any info on the frozen transfer. (none of my frozens took)

tichatte 11-22-07 09:21 AM

On my last frozen, levels were low, I had to keep getting blood work, but things caught up and I had a healthy pregnancy. Stay positive and don't stress, you r pregnant, CONGRATS:switch: .