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pajamas 11-02-07 12:32 PM

new cycle
Started clomid yesterday, CD3. I go back CD11 for more bw/us. If all goes well, I will have to give myself the trigger shot (first time!) the night of CD 11, then back for insem on CD13. Wish me luck!

eds1999 11-03-07 12:45 PM

good luck! i just had my trigger thursday and my diui in friday!

pajamas 11-03-07 09:17 PM

Well, good luck to you, too! Let's hope this is it for both of us. I think we're the only 2 around here!

smokeydays 11-05-07 05:39 PM

Hi there,

I have been lurking for some time. I gave myself the trigger shot last night so DIUI Tuesday.

Good luck to both of you


eds1999 11-05-07 07:28 PM

welcome to TBC! We are glad to have you with us! Feel free to share your story, your journey TTC and how things are going!