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so a technicality? Print Version

eds1999 11-15-07 06:19 PM

so a technicality?
im just mincing words here. but if you were in my boat...

we had 8 iui's before we got pg and it ended ectopic.

So we started trying again after waiting a while....

For all intensive puposes (and medical records) do you call this IUI 9 or do we start over and say IUI 1 for this try?

I guess its just a mental thing, but if a dr sees that i have had 12 iui's vs 2 iui's...i don't just looks different that way.

its like i want credit for the iui that actually worked!! i am so scared that someday its going to be "too many iui's" and the dr will just say "well you've maxed out"

silly isn't it?

pajamas 11-15-07 09:16 PM

Well, we are ttc# 2. We are on our 4th try for our second child. I had a very early miscarriage in the summer. The clinic is counting each IUI in order, It took us 4 tries for our DD, and they call this month IUI#8, and they mark a '+' sign next to the ones where I got pregnant. Not sure if that's how you're clinic would do it, though.

eds1999 11-15-07 09:20 PM

its just an ob office,not a clinic or RE. i dont know why im so getting wrapped up in #'s. So there went IUI #9 i guess!

pajamas 11-15-07 09:37 PM

I'm sorry things didn't work out this month, Erica. This roller coaster ride is very difficult.

Saira 11-15-07 09:46 PM

Oh and another horribly depressing thing, apparently getting pg doesn't change your odds statistically for the better. My RE told me flat out that prior to cycle #8, we had about an 18% chance each cycle. Now, even with a + on our side, our odds go down to 10% per cycle just because were past 8 cycles. I know it's all statistical mumbo jumbo and statistics don't tranfer well, but it's still a bummer. I also want credit for getting a +. It's just not fair!